I might as well put it here. My mood tanked on me in a bad way a few hours ago. Right now, my nerves are as raw as I ever remember them being and I just can’t tolerate being around people right now. Couple that with some rather stressful events going on in home and it’s adding up to being a not so nice time for the Bipolar Disorder Experience.

Music and crocheting are helping but I’m going to need complete solitude to get through this, I just know it. Thankfully, I don’t have anywhere to go for the next week and the project I’m working on, the One Skein Wrap, is long and uncomplicated. Though I may need more yarn for it before it’s done. Them’s the breaks.

So, as of this post, I am taking a prolonged break from the Internet. I may read Candide again for a good laugh and some perspective.


8 thoughts on “Depression

  1. I know what you mean – those depressive episodes are hard to get through. Just remember, you will get back. Do your best and hang on.

    Love, *Kathleen


  2. oh dear, well you know i am here for you, i still would want to text you know. you make me worry when i saw your fb status. lotta


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