Zuppyette Shawl and Other Things

It is a little under halfway done. The shawl for my best mates’ sister. I’m definitely going to need more midnight blue yarn to finish it though and, considering this, I’ve decided to make another shawl for a good person who has tried to help me with the agoraphobia over the short time I’ve known her. She’s leaving her position next month and, I have to say, I am going to miss her.

Hopefully, the shawl I make based on the Modern Lace Shawl in Sunflower yellow will last her a long time. By the time I’ve finished this new shawl, the yarn for the Zuppyette Shawl should be here along with the rest of the order.

Aside from that, not much has been happening. I’ve been trying to power my way through this depressive episode and, so far, things seem to be looking up. While not back to one hundred percent, my mood is at least not tanking in the way it was only a few days ago. That’s something. Here’s to hoping it gets even better sooner because I hate hospitals unless there’s a medical study involved.

Anyway, back to the hooking. Crochet hooking that is…

Speaking of, I really must get back into knitting. I’ve kept track of my crafting and I’ve done hundreds of yards worth of crocheting so far this year but no knitting. That’ll change soon because I bought some sock yarn. 😀



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