The Maternal Parental and Crocheting

I am undertaking a monumental task. It’s going to take a Herculean effort to do but I’m teaching my mother to crochet. Please keep in mind that my mother has no self confidence, more cravings for cigarettes than crafts and a very short attention span when it comes to new things.

Yet, persist in this I must. She’s said on several occasions that she requires a hobby to keep her mind off of cigarettes. She’s also said on several occasions how she wishes she could crochet like me with, in her words, perfect stitches. She didn’t look too closely at my work, but anyway…

I am hoping that her becoming more interested in crocheting will lead to her being less interested in cigarettes as an obsession. Once she feels that sparkly feeling from making a new item, I’m hoping it’ll replace whatever she feels when she lights up and inhales one of those stinky sticks.

Another side to this is the money making potential. It seems that, no matter how good I get at crocheting, no one takes it seriously as a profession. My mother, on the other hand, is somehow able to convince people of the efficacy of my works simply by talking about them to people. I posit that it’s her age and number of gray hairs that has people convinced. Where I’ve been told to “get a real job” by well meaning people, she’s been taken seriously.

I figure, if we’re both crocheting at my current levels or better, we could make quite a tidy sum in side work.

So, I laid down a challenge. I promised to pay her a very substantial amount of money if she learned within four months time. Even further, I promised her 100% of any profits we made for the first six months of us working together. She took me up on the offer too. No one shakes a stick at cold hard cash. Yeah, it’s a bribe. Don’t judge me. :p

I just hope it works.

In other crocheting news, I’m in love. In love, I say. Yes. I’m in love with a blog and its contents. While searching for patterns on Ravelry, I came across a Ripple blanket pattern by Lucy of Attic24 and I fell in love with that. I wanted to make it immediately but for the lack of yarn. I decided to follow the link to her blog and I’ve been amazed by what I’ve found there.


6 thoughts on “The Maternal Parental and Crocheting

  1. i know some people who pay for work you do because they cant do it themselves and its an art form and a real job. your doing something you love to do. i was terrible at crocheting i did the match sticks taped to a toliet roll, gah grade 5 arts and crafts thing.


    • Wow, you learned crocheting in grade five?! I wish they’d taught something as cool as crocheting when I was in school.

      That’s what made me not consider what the person said. I know people willing to pay me to make stuff. It may not be much but, as my skill increases, I can charge more for more elaborate things. Plus, the patterns I do are a good bit of practice. I’ve just got to learn to write them as well as follow them.


  2. Good luck! Watch for cigarette burns in the yarn.

    And while we’re talking knit & crochet, I was wondering if I could commission just a few of these in whatever color(s). They are, in my opinion, the best dishrags ever. (Sorry, I do prefer the knit ones to the crocheted.) If you would be willing to do these, and let me know what, say, four of them will cost, I’d appreciate it.

    Hoppy Bird Day!


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