One Sock Complete

I finally managed to get one sock completed. It’s currently residing on my left foot, keeping it toasty warm. I can’t wait until I can knit mittens. Must order more Mexicana yarn.

Nothing much happened today. I knitted, did more knitting and still more knitting. I was pretty much obsessed with the sock. Its twin is waiting to be made as I write this.

Oh yeah, I’m thirty-one years old now. My birthday passed within the past two weeks. *fanfare*

Every year, I ask people who want to buy me something to either donate the money to charity or to buy me either yarn or salsa and lime flavored tortilla chips. I still didn’t get what I keep asking for but I did get ten dollars. I bought food with it.

Thirty-one is treating me okay so far. I’m just hoping for an increase in my knitting and crocheting skills. That would be gift enough for the year.

Now, back to that sock.

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