Itty Bitty Baby Blanket – So Far, So Good

I’m seven rows in and I’m doing good. I took a picture earlier today, when there was sunlight, where I was four rows in.

I have to say, I really like this pattern. It’s very meditative and relaxing. I really hope she likes it.

In other news, the Deluge is upon us. It’s going to rain…and rain…and rain for the next several days in large amounts. If I didn’t have to go out into it, I’d look forward to relaxing and crocheting while watching it fall but I have to trek out in it at least one day this week. And I am just getting over a cold too. Oh well, it can’t be helped. I will instead focus on the positives of this. All this rain will undoubtedly lead to a major bloomfest around here which will give me something nice to look at. It could inspire my creativity, at least I hope it does.


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