Feeling Good

I worked out for one solid hour along with two exercise programs. This marks the first time I have exercised in more than six months. I’ve got to keep this up everyday so I can build resistance. Right now, I’m feeling pretty tired and worn out from the workout I did but I also feel good.

I even managed to update my Wellsphere account. That truly is damning on my part. It shows my lack of exercise pretty dramatically. Fingers crossed, that will change.

My initial goal, as stated on the site is to exercise for an hour five times a week. Another goal I plan on adding is to take a walk, out there, at least once a week to start off. This agoraphobia isn’t going to beat itself, so I figured that would be a good way to combat it.

In other news, my baby is in a box right now waiting to be picked up for repairs.*sigh*

I miss her already. No offense to my desktop but my laptop is where I have all my fun. I only do work-ish related things on the desktop like writing stories, making schedules and studying etc. My laptop is also where I do my health updates via Twitter. Those are going to be on hold until I get her back. It just doesn’t feel right doing it on the site when I’ve done it so many times via Twhirl. Hopefully, by the time I get my laptop back, I’ll have done something worthy of reporting like losing ten pounds.

Oh well, time to get dressed and time for breakfast…not those biscuits either. Oatmeal.


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