Fiscal Responsibility and Me

I am downloading and learning to use several budgeting tools created for It is my mission to become even more financially responsible within the next year. I look around and see so much flagrant irresponsibility when it comes to money matters, I want to make sure I don’t fall into the same boat.

My short term goals are to pay down the debt I’ve accrued thus far without making more than $300.00 more in new debt per month. That’s enough to cover my portion of the house bills and personal expenses. Other than that, it can wait until I’ve got mad money saved. As soon as I’ve saved up a certain amount of money, I will then budget out my money for frivolities like yarn, DVDs etc. excepting requests for knitted and crocheted items if I don’t have a particular color or type of yarn.

I have to start thinking about me and me alone. I have needs I haven’t been taking care of because I’ve been helping others. For instance, I have to go to the dentist and get my cavities taken care of before they become material for a root canal. It’s $250.00 per appointment and I’ve got at least two more visits to go before that’s taken care of. I’m in pain and I don’t have time anymore to dig other people out of their self-created messes. Grow the hell up already.

Back to budgeting… my middle term goal is to save up to buy the complete series of Knitting Daily. That’s over $300.00 at the current number of programs and it may be more in the future. That program is the only one currently on the air showing educational material related to Fiberarts, which will aid me in attaining more skills. I am, of course, saving up for Knit and Crochet Today Now as well but they’re not even being brought on television locally at the present.

My long term goal is to eventually, once the agoraphobia has met the True Death, to get my own place. To do that, I need to have money in the bank.

End of venting rant.


2 thoughts on “Fiscal Responsibility and Me

    • I hope so too. I want to have my own place before I even think of moving in with someone else.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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