Blue Curacao…Sort Of.

I’m doing it, finally. I’m making the Blue Curacao shawl only I’m not using the yarn I bought for it. I’m using Caron’s One Pound skein in Deep Violet rather than Red Heart’s Super Saver in Hunter Green. I’ve already allocated the Hunter Green away as new socks for the Maternal Parental and my first foray into mittens, also for the Maternal Parental.

I just needed a break from the Lasting Damage – Lemon Drop Socks III for a bit. Nothing against the pattern, I just got the itch to crochet again and Blue Curacao was there, waiting for me.


15 thoughts on “Blue Curacao…Sort Of.

  1. did you ever complete those projects? your my only reader of my blog not sure if your aware of that. i’m tempted to crochet again but i keep stuffing up a simple square even after watching tutorials, knitting socks is easier for me.

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  2. My currently amassed projects? No. Everything mentioned in this post was completed years ago though.

    No one else reads your blog? Have you networked it? Do you broadcast it? Does allow you to broadcast your blog like all the other sites do? If you were still on Facebook, I’d say consider getting a page for it but you can do the same on Google+ if you want.

    As to crocheting, try this video. It’s the slowest, most well lit video I can think of.


  3. ah thank you. this post was listed as relevant to your wool cake. i’ll email you again, miss busy. attempted to broadcast the blog, its a public one but i don’t want certian family seeing it.

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  4. ” The Twilight Saga Complete Collection by Stephenie Meyer
    I’m sorry I read this. ” i so like that comment, there was no other place to like the comment.

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  5. a few x rated pages i am sure. personally i’d rather be knitting than you giving any of your own money. urgh i still have to send the stuff i made you and that wool poncho as i can’t take back with me, postage although cheaper in australia, having it come back with me will cost more than posting it from here or there.


    • Right now, I’m sitting in trepidation that they’ll close my accounts. Being 34 sucks. Let’s hold our breath until we’re 35. That’s supposed to be a good year.

      Hon, don’t worry about me. If you can sell it to pay for your passage and passport, then do it. *hug*


  6. with your book comment i could actually hear you say that in my head. i attempted to read the 2nd book a few years ago, that’s 6 hours of my life i’d like back.


    • I was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. Won’t catch me making that mistake again.

      Okay, but if it’s a choice between paying for your passport and passage and dumping my stuff, take care of yourself. Okay? I will not be the reason you get held back.


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