Blue Curacao – Purple Peeple Eater Shawl Update

This thing is going to be a shawlette. My gauge must be too tight or something. I’m not going to frog it but I will take note of what’s happening now so that, when I make it again, I won’t run across the same problems. I would like to add a repeat row but I’m unsure as to how to do it. I know it has something to do with repeating rows 14-21 though. I’m currently on row 22.

I don’t feel like experimenting tonight. I’m tired and I’ve still got the deadline for the other sock of Lasting Damage – Lemon Drop Socks III to meet.

Oh yeah, I’m calling my shawl the Purple Peeple Eater because I think it looks like a giant purple Pacman or the Purple People Eater of my imagination.

Now, for a brief rest and watering before getting back to those last seven rows.


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