Blocking Makes A Difference

Who said blocking acrylic doesn’t matter?

I woke up this morning with an itching to block Blue Curacao – Purple Peeple Eater Shawl and I decided to scratch that itch. Boy, am I ever glad I did. The thing is massive now. All the stitches stretched out to their full potential, the pineapples flattened out and straightened up. It’s, in short, beautiful. I can’t wait to get good pictures of it outside once its dry.

Aside from that, I casted on and knitted the first few stitches of the second of the Lasting Damage – Lemon Drop Socks III last night. After one false start, so far, I’m doing okay with it. I’m going to spend today watching movies and knitting that sock while I wait for BC-PPE to dry.


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