A Little Further Along

I’ve been seriously neglecting the Beige Rage Top over the past few weeks for obvious reasons. My mind was so preoccupied with taking care of my mother and helping her recover, that I couldn’t honestly focus on anything else.

Thankfully, she is getting better now and has recommenced short walks throughout the neighborhood. Now that she is recovering well, I’ve been trying to get back into all the things I was involved in before she got hit by the car. Let me tell you, its hard picking up where I left off. I can still remember how to do it but the driving ambition to do it is buried deep inside me.

A good thing is that I’ve managed to get the Beige Rage Top up to 45% completion. The bad thing is that I’m allowing a lot of other distractions to get in the way of me getting as far along as I’m capable of doing. Not good.

In Other News

Hurricane Isaac is churning up the Gulf Coast. I wish my friends in the area a safe passage through the storm and I can only hope it won’t intensify. The last time I checked the news on it, the sustained winds were around 80mph and the eye wall was headed straight for the Mississippi River delta. I hope it dies down quickly and becomes the rain the Midwest needs so badly right now.

Far lower down in importance, the Sunflower Yellow Worsted Anklet Socks have finally developed a hole. I may have to make one or two new pair to replace them in Midnight Blue and Persimmon. I’m also considering making an afghan for the downstairs chair. I’m calling it Cantaloupe for the colors I’m using, Persimmon and Light Green. There are also the unfinished projects to consider. The Pink Cable Scarf for the Maternal Parental and the Five By Five – Crazy First Blanket. One has been on the needles for nearly three years now and the other has been an unfinished object since December 2011.

Aside from pondering, I haven’t done much of anything creative over the past two months. Now is the time to change that.

I have a reading list I must also attend to. I have two books from my neighbor that I’ve had for nearly a year now and two books by Spencer Wells that I intend on reading in between projects. I also plan on actually reading through my Doris Chan book instead of skipping ahead to the patterns for drooling purposes. I’m also preparing for quite a painful book culling. As much as I love my books, it needs to be done. Some of the books are quite outdated and some I haven’t even read yet or haven’t read in a long long time. I’ll need to get boxes so I can give away the good but no longer needed books and, as much as I hate to do it, recycle the old and outdated ones.

Now that I have a Kindle, I may see if I can get them in Kindle format which would save significantly on space.

The Agoraphobia is no better. I went out a few times a few weeks ago with the Maternal Parental to help her test her legs. We walked around the block and went to various places for business and medical appointments. I didn’t freak out but I’m still no closer to going out, on my own, than I was before. I’m definitely going to add this goal to the collection of things to work on over the next few months.

I don’t want a repeat of 3 July to happen ever again. I must get out on my own.

Health wise, I’m trying to ease back into my fitness regimen. I slacked off quite a bit over the past two months, again, for obvious reasons. Surprisingly, I didn’t gain much weight due to stress and running around the house. Still, its no substitution for exercise and eating right. By the time I’m thirty-three, I want to be close to my ideal BMI. I’m currently 250lbs/113kg and I’m 5’1″/1.55m tall. Over the next two years, I plan on really coming down until I get to at least 130lbs/58.8kg. I’m not just doing it for myself either, theres a maximum weight limit for bone marrow donors of 240lbs/108.8kg for my height class. I must lose weight if I’m to be considered eligible for donation at a future date.

I don’t want to get the call and find I’m unable to donate.

Aside from all of the above, I’ve been on Youtube like a maniac lately. I’m playing scientific, political and technological catch up with the rest of the world by checking out the free information found there. So far, I’m learning quite a bit and I’m happy to say I’m more informed than I was even a week ago about things. I’m also delving into a lot of Atheist/Freethinker channels to expand my knowledge on what I am.

After all, as Socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth living. I plan on living as fully as I’m capable.

Well, that’s enough whining. I’ve got a doctors appointment in the morning. I hope everyone is doing well. 🙂


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