Boring News In Brief

I’m making a new pair of lounging socks. Never mind the sweater I haven’t even finished yet. They’re going to be Midnight Blue and quite cozy. If all things go according to plan, they should be complete within a weeks time. Hopefully, nothing will get in the way of my making these socks. Not even me.

I tried a new laundry detergent and I liked it. It’s called “all® Free Clear” and its awesome. It costs quite a bit though. I paid (on sale) $8.99 for a 64 load bottle. Compare that with what I normally pay for Xtra’s 175oz bottle at $5.99. Still, theres something to be said about having no dyes or perfumes in the detergent. The clothes come out brighter and, while I love the scent of Mountain rain, there is something nice about the smell of freshly laundered clothes on their own. Truthfully, it’s probably just a once in a lifetime purchase owing to my anxiety at going to the market (where I normally get household sundries) and Peapod not having Xtra. Yet. Muahahaha.

Yep, that’s my exciting week. Woo hoo.


2 thoughts on “Boring News In Brief

  1. The stuff rinses better, too. And it’s, what, less than 15¢ a load. Even if the regular price is double, that’s still less than 30¢ a load. And how many loads does Xtra’s 175 oz bottle do?


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