How do I write about something without “writing” about it?

Oh, what the hell? The trial of the man who hit my mother before driving off happened yesterday. He was found guilty on two charges and given the maximum sentence. Despite him hitting my mother, I’m hoping he gets work release. His situation is not good and third parties should not be made to suffer for his seriously bad judgement. I don’t know. That’s up to the courts.

That’s all I’ll say on the matter except that I hope this is all over so my mother can move forward with her life rather than get dragged back into court over and over fighting appeals.

And on a complete change of topic: My sock. It is nearly complete and I should have it finished before the weekend rolls around. If I get off of here, I could probably finish both of them sooner than that but I’m tired and de-stressing. I’m just happy not to have lost my progress. In order to have something to do while staying away from home pre-trial, I brought the sock and the sweater with me to work on. Things were so stressful in the other place that nothing got done except for blaring my ear drums into submission via my Bluetooth headset and cell phone’s prodigious media collection of music and podcasts. The problem came when, on taking it out of the bag, I found that some of the stitches had come off of the needles of the sock.

It was close, let me tell you. *wipes brow*


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