Frankenstorm Sandy Is Here

Right now, the lights are flickering on and off. Outside, the wind and rain are picking up in speed and intensity while my nervousness at whether the roof is going to stay on increases exponentially. My Norwegian-Canadian friend says we’re all overreacting but he lives on the left coast, far away from the chaos that is Sandy.

Luckily, this storm is hitting before Halloween. Though, I can imagine the kids beating down my door after sloughing through the driving rain to get some candy. Adorable, they are. Despite nearly half my candy being consumed by other parties, I am prepared for the onslaught of eagar ghouls and goblins. I just hope everyone makes it through this storm safely.

If the power stays on, my plans for tonight are Peter Stormare, Peter Stormare and, oh yeah, Peter Stormare. I have a bunch of movies and podcasts I can consume until this whole thing is over. I shamelessly admit to drooling. I am a human animal, darn it and he’s asbestos panties level hot. I might also get in some crocheting on the Beige Rage top done, probably while watching Bad Boys II ’cause that movie is a real turd nugget.

Incidentally, if anyone is wondering, nothing is going to stop me from voting in a few days time. I will vote in the dark, with a handcrank flashlight, on a provisional ballot if I have to. So, nyah!


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