Writing and Other Stuff

I’ve got four stories open right now. After seeing an interview with J. K. Rowling on Charlie Rose where she explained how she forced herself to write even when she didn’t feel like it, I’ve decided to do the same. It’s probably going to take trepanning level auguring to get stories out but I’m determined to do it with my four best candidates.

In other news, the Maternal Parental talked a client of mine out of paying me $15.00USD. I made a hat and was commissioned to make a matching scarf for her best friend. Said best friend was going to pay me $35.00USD for the lot but my mother managed, somehow, to talk her down to $20.00. Remind me again why I wanted her as a spokesperson?

When I asked her why she did this, she said she didn’t want to cheat her friend. I explained that I was doing the labor and it was definitely worth at least that amount of money. Between materials cost and labor, I would have gladly accepted more than $35.00USD for the scarf and hat set. If I had more yarn, I’d try to get it back up to that originally offered fee or higher by making some mittens.

My good friend says that it’s a “friend discount”. She’s not my friend. I need cashy money for yarn and medication expenses.

Well, one way or another, the scarf is almost done. I’ve got forty-five more black rows and six more purple until it’s finished. I reckon I can earn my money back from my mother by charging her more for the proper socks she wants me to make. 🙂

In hair news, my hair is now just down my back. I’m really grateful to Naptural85 for sharing her haircare secrets with the world via Youtube and her blog and facebook.

Finally, in my Peter Stormare fascination bubble, I’ve got three movies and two seasons of a television show from the Library to look at before I have to take them back on Monday. I’ve got Fargo, The Brothers Grimm, The Big Lebowski and Prison Break seasons one and two. If I can just give up on trying to get through the monstrosity known as Bad Boys II, I’ll be able to look at these better movies and shows.

Oh well, back to the writing.


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