Happy Happy Crocheting

I am beaming with pride right now. I’m two feet into making my ripple throw, the Cantaloupe Cover, and I’m not tired or bored with it yet. I also still have sizable balls of yarn left, so I’m going to keep going until they’re not sizable anymore. Any mistakes made have been corrected and, so far, the cover is warm and comforting. It’s at the point now where it lays across my legs while I crochet it and it’s quite cozy. Pictures come in the morning when there is more light.

I have plans to make at least eight more of them for my mother, friends, aunt, various neighbors and the mail lady. In the meantime, I’ve got to keep working on this one so I can get it finished before the end of December.

Also on the agenda is a plan to make two full sized afghans for myself and my mother. Mine is going to be in Yellow and Black and I’m looking for the boldest of yellows. I’ve long had this fascination with bees and wasps coloring and this blanket will be my homage to the color pairing. So far, I’ve got the yarn choices narrowed down to Red Heart Super Saver Economy in either Gold or Bright Yellow or Caron’s One Pound in either Sunflower or Jonquil.

My mother’s afghan will be in Caron One Pound’s Royalty and Sky Blue and it’s her choice of colors.

The pattern I’m using for our blankets is going to be the Easy Windy Ripple/Easy Fiery Ripple Afghan pattern from Lion Brand Yarn Company though, I’m going to make the ripples even rather than alternating in width. I can’t wait to get started on that one though I’m not even remotely tired of the pattern I’m working on now.

In addition to this, I have promised to make an afghan for my friend’s son and his girlfriend as a housewarming gift. I’m just waiting on the color choices for that one.

I really like doing these. 🙂


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