Fifty Five Percent

I am fifty five percent completed with the Cantaloupe Cushion. I’m so proud of myself as I’m not one to like doing single crochet stitches for long periods. I do, however, like doing ripples.

At the rate I’m going, I should be finished this thing by tonight at the earliest. One thing I’m not looking forward to is the whipstitch of the top. A part of the pattern has peaks and valleys and is not an even seam. I’m going to have to sew that by hand but the rest of it is even seams. So, I’m going to practice my crocheted seams on those. 🙂

Once I’m done with this pillow, I’ll get started on both a pair of mittens or socks (depending on my mood) and my aunt’s three hats. I bought some more Mexicana yarn for the mittens and socks, though, I’m still not sure as to why I’m making socks in this yarn as they get holes so quickly. I’m going to make an extra effort to preserve these as I love Mexicana yarn. Plus, it’s getting cold and I want festive socks.

For the mittens, if I decide on them, it will be my very first pair of completed mittens. I figured its time. I’ve been procrastinating long enough. I have a good, sound pattern and a lot of hope.

After that, it’ll have to be Villimarjatar unless I get really intimidated, then it’ll be the Half Granny Square Shawl for my friend AurniaStar.

In between these, I may make Bob the Blood Drop and the Rose Brooch in honor of Norway.

After all of this, I will, I absolutely will, make the Knitted toque with earflaps out of the Peruvian Print yarn I bought.

Then, for fun, I’m going to make the Crochet Baby Bee once or twice depending on what my friend the Gentle Giant says about receiving one for the Tiny Human. I’m going to stitch the eyes in since she’s so young and, in my case, I don’t have any button eyes to put on it.

Before all of that though, I have to get this pillow finished. 🙂


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