Mexicana Sock Two

I still haven’t gotten this second sock started. I am so lazy about knitting. I got a foot and a half of crochet work done on the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper – Blanket 2013 but one little sock? Nothing.

I must admit, I have been tired today. I spent all last night into this morning looking at my queue of YouTube videos. Lots of Sagan, Greene, Hawking, deGrasse-Tyson and others to fill my mind with scientific data to digest. I finally passed out this morning on a Brian Greene discussion on Superstring Theory. I mean, it was invigorating but my body and mind were both exhausted from so much data and work.

And I plan on doing the same thing tonight. 🙂

Pictures of the finished first Mexicana Sock and of the progress I’ve made in the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper – Blanket 2013. I’m hoping to double my progress tonight in the making of the blanket and, at the very least, make some headway in making a sock cuff on the knitting side of things.


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