A Couple of Projects

I am quite the busy bee lately.

I am working on the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper – Blanket 2013 and, in addition to that, I’m working on three hats for my aunt. While there was some confusion this morning over the sizing of the hat, I managed to bang out yet another project. The memorial rose I’d intended on making back in 2011 for Norway.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

So far, I’m working on Hat #1, the Coffee brown hat and it’s going well. I’m six rows down in the body of the hat or, thirteen rounds total in crocheted stitches.

As to the rose, I did that overnight while waiting to talk with my aunt regarding who the hats were being made for; her or my little cousins. I did the rose with worsted weight yarn and a D hook. Never again. I just wanted the stitches to be extra tight in the body of the project but I never imagined it would be as hard as it was working with the yarn using that hook. Still, I got it done.

After I finish hats # 2 and 3, I’m going to make the Crocheted Baby Bee.


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