Two Down, One To Go

After much hard work, and a bit of unraveling, I’ve finished two hats. I was lazy today as I could have been finished with the third hat by now but I figured, it’s a nice day and a break day, so I’ll give myself a rest and work on it tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to rain and rain…and rain, so it’ll be perfect for crocheting. I just hope the power stays on. I’m not crocheting in the dark…again. Especially not with black yarn.

Today is Christmas and I’d like to wish a Happy Christmas to all my readers who celebrate it.

My dinner plans are thus: Turkey Stroganoff concocted with ground turkey, Ranch dressing, soy sauce and gravy. It’ll work somehow. 😀

After that, I’m going to go through my stack of patterns to find the Crochet Baby Bee pattern so I don’t have to print it out again. Then, I’m probably going to get started on that hat. What can I say, I’m a workaholic.


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