Lunapads – Take Two

I so hope I don’t get kRaMpZ this month. Last month was brutal.

This is month two of the Lunapads Challenge and, so far, so good. I’m hyper focused on knitting and crocheting right now, so that’s probably affecting how I perceive things a bit. I’m more used to the feel of the product now, so it’s really like it’s not there. I’m still going to purchase at least one DivaCup though because I’m still just not used to this pad thing after seventeen years of not using them.

I’ve had more time to research my options of reusable menstrual products and I’m definitely going with the DivaCup. Most of the other models are too small or too allergy inducing for me to use effectively. I’m already a silicone junky, I might as well take it just that one step further.

Today was a busy day. This morning, I finished the hats and this evening, I finished the Itty Bitty Baby Bee.

For my next trick, I’m going to make worsted weight anklet socks for my mother and I’m calling those Mommy Sox. They’re going to be in the colorway Hunter Green using Red Heart’s Super Saver yarn. I am hoping to have these finished by Monday.


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