Woo Hoo!!!!

I’m making four more Bees!!!!

I offered to make bees for my pharmacy team and they said yes. I’m doing this totally for free and I may even try making these with the F hook this time. Bees number one, two and three are for the pharmacists who were there today and bee number four is for the pharmacist who wasn’t there today.

I’m following the pattern on all but one. Apparently, these are somehow Steeler’s colors, so Mister Anaranjada (who I previously made the orange hat for) is getting one is Raven’s colors as best as I can muster.

Today is Day Two of the Lunapads Month Two Challenge and it’s been twenty four hours since it started. I briefly had problems with kRaMpZ but nothing like I normally do on days one and two. On that alone, I kiss the ground the Lunapads people walk on. I only had a brief bout of nausea and I was successfully able to make it go away using breathing techniques.

I’m really looking forward to that DivaCup.

Tonight, I’m going to rest and recuperate and tomorrow, I’m going to tear things up in crocheting and knitting. 🙂


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