Day One of 2013

So far, I’ve done good.

I’m eating well. Today, I had a real breakfast and lunch. I look to be having a real dinner tonight as well.

I’m about to exercise. I’m determined to exercise at least one hour tonight before I take my medication. I’m going to load a Marilyn Manson album to shake my wiggle. I just need to charge up my earphones.

I’m ahead in my cleaning. My book cull is going well and I’ve moved piles of crap into “going out the door” and “staying” piles. My yarn is in good shape with only a few balls left that are going to other projects currently being planned. The rest of it is untouched skeins that are also going towards planned projects.

I’ve managed to hold on to a few dollars. It isn’t much but its something. As long as I have carfare to get to my appointments, I’m a happy camper.

I’ve managed to order most of the stuff I tried to order a few weeks ago but had to cancel. Owing to a family emergency, I had to cancel the order I made to Amazon and, as a result, I was only able to get four things out of everything I ordered. Thankfully, all of the stuff was still available and at the same prices saving Torchwood: Miracle Day and Sherlock: Series Two. So those had to wait. I am getting the final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures though, so that’s something good.

Specifically for me and not entertainment related, I’m getting the DivaCup. Finally. I can’t wait to start using it as I’ve read that there is a learning curve in using it. Nevertheless, mistakes and all, I’m looking forward to getting off of the disposables.

I’m also getting stuff for the house. A six pack of Suave shampoo and a six pack of Suave conditioner, a two pack of Finish dishwasher detergent, a two pack of Dawn dishwashing detergent for the Maternal Parental ’cause she likes doing the dishes by hand…for some reason, a 4lbs box of salt (I do a lot of baking and cooking) and a few other sundry things.

Two of the projects are going to be finished by the end of this week. I’m currently crocheting the last Baby Bee and knitting socks for the Maternal Parental. The Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper – Blanket 2013 will be finished by the end of this month yarn allowing and the Beige Rage Top (remember that?!) will be finished by March. I’m determined to finish it considering all the hard work I put into it.

Once I do all of this, I will start on a second blanket made of Lion Brand Yarn using a modified version of the Dreamy Lace Baby Throw pattern. Just because I feel like it. I may also finish the 2012 Five By Five – Crazy First Blanket. o_O

Now, to charge my earphones and make the last Baby Bee. Then, to exercising! 🙂


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