Six Little Wings

I’m not going to make my deadline. All I’ve gotten done since I finished the last bee are six wings. There’s no way I can make the wings, the antennae, the legs and the socks by the end of today.

So, I guess I have to consider that deadline null and void. I’ll get it done though. I’ve got nowhere to go next week since I’ve got to wait for my DivaCup and some other stuff to be delivered.

According to my scale, I’m back up to 248lbs but that may just be fluid weight. I don’t know but it is going to change and soon.

First though, I’m going to get some sleep while I wait for my laundry to finish drying. I went to bed late and got up early this morning and I don’t recommend doing that if the way my head is pounding has anything to say about it. Later.


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