Intricate Spam

This may well be the most intricate spam I have ever gotten. If it were in response to a knitting post, I might have let it through.

I think the rule of thumb is to not carry the floats more than 5 stitches. I typically do a modified version of Ann & Eugene Bourgeois’ Fair Isle technique so I don’t have floats on the backside. But this makes the work a little tighter so I’m not sure if I’m going to do that. I’m not great at figuring out how much yarn is needed but I’ll give you my yardage for my Christmas stocking. That might help you in estimating. The green on the left is approximately 10 yards; on the right is 21 yards. The red for the hat and left is 15 1/2 yards; the nose and mouth are about 1 1/2 yds; and the lower right is 3 1/2 yards. The tan is 6 yards. And the angora is approximately 21 1/2 yards The face area is about 10? by 6 or 7? I hope these estimates help you. I won’t be starting this project right away because I have such a long queue going. And right now I’m doing a “cure cap” better known as a chemo cap for Teri’s (teriknits) husband. She’s on the Give One Away KAL. Her husband had surgery yesterday. I had told her about a young friend who had one that said F@#$ Cancer. I’m knitting this as fast I can. Although he’s not receiving chemo, it made him laugh – so I couldn’t resist doing one for him. I’m forever putting projects down for special ones that come up.


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