Two Frogged Projects Become One

So, I frogged the Beige Rage Top and the Pink Cable Scarf for The Maternal Parental. By luck, both happen to be made of the same yarn, Lion Brand’s Pound of Love, so I’m going to roll them into one mega project along with all my other scrap TLC and Lion Brand yarn into a blanket for me. As I run out of yarn, I’ll buy more Lion Brand and TLC (because their textures match) in a variety of colors to give the blanket some personality. In other words, it’s going to be an ugly mofo but it’s mine. :p

The pattern I’m hoping to copy is a modified version of the Dreamy Lace Baby Throw, only I’m making mine big. Three hundred thirty three chain stitches big. I don’t know how much yarn will go into this project but I am determined to make it. I’m just thankful the cost is going to be relatively minor considering how much yarn I’m going to need. o_O


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