DivaCup Challenge Day One-ish…

Last night was the first day I got to use my DivaCup for its intended purpose. It works!

It works so wonderfully well. I can scarcely believe how well this thing protects from leaks. All those dry runs I did were good in the long run because I learned how to properly insert it to minimize leakage. It’s really easy too. I just dump, rinse and re-insert every six hours or so. It’s early days but I haven’t had a single problem with leaks.

I could probably go about eight hours but I don’t want to push my luck on the first two days. Days one and two have me filling this thing to half capacity in six hours or less time. I’m guessing, for the first days, twelve is just out of my limit for now.

Things do change with diet and exercise and I plan on doing a lot of both over the next year. I’ll update the results as they come out.

For now and for the immediate future, I can tell you, the DivaCup is a winner in my book.

As to the dreaded kRaMpZ, there are none. Normally, I’d be doubled over the toilet by now, in severe pain, puking my guts up into the bowl but I haven’t even felt the tell tale rush of saliva that comes with menstrual induced nausea. But, really, so far there’s been nothing to tell. 18:30/6:30pm tonight will be the end of day one and the beginning of day two but nothing of note has happened.

I want to shout from the rooftops how wonderful this thing is!


2 thoughts on “DivaCup Challenge Day One-ish…

    • More women need to know about this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I’m going to recommend it to the most influential person I know of on Twitter. I hope she picks it up.


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