Sour Girl Sour Ball Socks

Say hello to my new pair of socks in the making!

I am calling them the “Sour Girl Sour Ball Socks” and I’m hoping to finish them within the month of February. Truthfully, I’m hoping to finish them by next week but I know me and I know how I get Second Sock Syndrome with a worsted weight sock. I can remember how bad it was when I knitted my first pair of sock weight yarn socks, I went and did Blue Curacao (the shawl, not the drink). So, my tentative date of completion is set for mid-February as a result of all this.

So far, I’ve got one quarter of the cuff done on this project. I’m making the cuffs twenty rounds wide this time around instead of ten. I figure I’ve got enough yarn to swing that and a longer leg. All other measurements remain the same though as my feet have not grown…Thank goodness. I do solemnly promise one thing, I will only make the Adipose Baby pattern between the start and the finish of these socks. That shouldn’t take too long and I can get back into the sock groove.

Okay, I’m officially sleepy now. Good night. 🙂


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