240lbs and Falling…

Thanks to my poverty diet, I’m currently 240lbs exactly. I was just 244lbs a few days ago. I haven’t been doing anything to lose it. I don’t want to develop unheathly exercise habits in addition to unhealthy eating habits, so I’ve been going slow these past few weeks. Regardless, it’s coming off, whether I want it to or not. I’m not complaining about it coming off. I just don’t like the way in which it is coming off. No one should starve themselves to lose weight either intentionally or unintentionally.

I’ve been taking this downtime to develop my exercise regimen and getting advice from friends who are more knowledgeable in exercising. I’m going to be doing a lot of Compound exercises to build my muscle so I can get the weight off faster. Once I’m eating, that is. While I have been taking my vitamins, I can’t run on an empty tank. o_O

That’s about it weight wise. Keep an eye out on updates to my monthly stats Twitter in the left sidebar.


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