Happy Crochet Month!

I fulfilled my crochet-y obligation today. I did seven rows on the blanket after weeks of not touching it. Now, that’s saying something since the starting chain was 264 chain stitches. So, yeah. Pride going on here. I’m going to work on it some more later today after I read for a bit. I want to rest my hand for a bit since it’s been so long without the practice of me crocheting such a heavy project.

Then, later today, I’m going to start working on Villimarjatar again. *fanfare* I feel I’ve finally eaten enough calories to bring my concentration back into alignment. At this point, I have the pattern for Villimarjatar memorized. I’m currently on the second pattern repeat, row five. I’m hoping to get at least three pattern repeats done today, not including the one I’m currently on.

My order from Bulkfoods.com came today. I’m currently crunching down on yummy anise squares, contemplating baking with my pound of yeast and buttermilk powder, cooking with my pound of lemon pepper and onion powder, eating my popcorn, snacking on candied ginger while sucking on rootbeer barrels. I even got my mother an anti-smoking package of deluxe candies for her to eat in place of the cigarettes. I just hope it works. Cigarettes are not doing her any favors. Vivre, Brian, wherever you are.

Off to spend face time with my Kindle. Later!


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