Happy International Women’s Day!

A rose for all you wonderful people! @};–

I haven’t made that thing in years. 🙂

Good morning to you. I’ve done exactly no knitting or crocheting after that initial burst of energy the other day. It’s alright though. I plan on doing something later today. This weekend, I’m planning on talking with two friends I’ve been unintentionally neglecting between my starving and crafting. The time has come to put them first.

I was actually up quite a while last night into this morning researching. I’m going to start making my own soap. Right now, I’ve only got the materials to make reclaimed soap but, eventually, I’m moving up to make glycerin soaps. I haven’t done anything like this in years and, the last time I did it, I certainly didn’t have the resources to do much more than make an utter mess. When I was fourteen, I made an egg shampoo and one bar of oatmeal soap from reclaimed pieces. This time, I’m going all out. I’m getting a double boiler attachment, the glycerin soap base, and I may even get wild and buy some scents and colors.

Between the eHow and Pioneer Thinking sites, I figure I got this locked in and primed. I found all the supplies I need on Amazon’s and Joann’s websites. Amazon has up to a 25lbs block of glycerin soap base for a little over $70USD while Joann’s has a 5lbs block of glycerin soap base for a little over $30USD. I’m going to start small and get the 2lbs block to see if this is really for me but, if it turns out to be something I like, I like knowing I have options for large scale buying.

I’ve already got a pan, a 9x5x3 silicone pan I can use as a mould, a grater, some Jojoba oil, some liquid vegetable glycerin, some vitamin E oil, and plenty of Ivory soap, thanks to my shopping practices. After I knit or crochet tonight, I’m going to grate down three bars of soap and test my ability to make bar soap. Since I don’t have the double boiler insert, I must be mindful of the temperature.

I don’t quite know what’s driving this outburst of creativity but I’m glad it’s happening.

Oh yeah, speaking of my silicone loaf pan… I made Banana Bread last night. Boy, was it ever good! I got everything just right and poured the batter into the silicone pan wherte it eventually bulged out but not before cooking up tremendously well. I’m actually going to go get a slice as soon as I finish up here. It is Yummy!

Aside from that, it’s Friday. Yay! 😀


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