Minimal Progress and Illness

Oh joy be unconfined. I have an abscess. It burst but I get the feeling it’s coming back for round two. I just have that feeling. Today is a nice, calm, gloomy day in the City by the Bay. I’m currently no closer to completed on Villimarjatar but I’m a little way forward on Konstantinos’ Hat III. I’ve given up on the doily owing to so many mistakes in the pattern and I am only two rows further along with the blanket. I’ve just been so sick lately.

I’m currently taking 500mg of Amoxicillin for the abscess on my gum with hopes that it will clear up. I really can’t afford to go to the dentist and I have no dental coverage. I will be making it a Priority to switch providers though.

Despite all this, I managed to order the stuff for my incoming phone: The skin, charger (which might be replaced with Samsung’s official model) and screen protectors as well as some yarn and a new pair of circular needles. With this new yarn, I’m going to make a knitted shawl, a hat for my mother to replace the one she messed up with cigarette tar and superwash merino wool for a pair of gloves for me.

I also managed to make a new friend via OKCupid. I haven’t met him yet but he’s a seemingly nice guy who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. That’s a bit of a head trip for me since I’ve never been there before. We are planning on meeting sometime this month and, hopefully, we’ll form a lasting friendship. 🙂

LOL, this post is a written train wreck. I am really sick right now. I should be laying down but I felt I had to make an effort at updating this blog after so long without doing it.

Today, I’m going to make Banana Bread. Yay me. Then, I’ll collapse in a feverish heap. Later y’all.


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