This Was My Thursday

Okay, a sentence at a time as I’m less likely to cry that way.

Fell in love with a guy on OKCupid several years ago. We became fast friends and eventually entered into a relationship. Things were going well but he kept pushing for me to find someone closer so I wouldn’t be lonely. I would try but nothing would hold a candle to him, so I wasn’t trying hard.

Enter guy two from OKCupid. We hit it off lighting fast, we had the same interests, the same ambitions and even the same shoe size. He even lives in the same state, albeit on a different coast from me. The New Relationship Energy between us was heady. I was explaining how wonderful guy two was to guy one (we’re Polyamorous) and he suggested that maybe, I’d found my true love. A few minutes later, he’s suggesting I go with guy two. Of course, I balk as I haven’t even met guy two yet and I love guy one very much. Guy one is insistent though and we break up with me declaring that he’s always going to be my friend unless he says otherwise.

Enter confusion with guy two. Guy two uses Straight Talk as a telephone provider and he informed me that his 30 day subscription would be running out on Wednesday but would be back on by Thursday. Since I know someone else with Straight Talk, I think nothing of it and cool it on the Wednesday texts. I send a good morning text on Thursday and…crickets. Several hours later, I send another text and…crickets. I start sending the ubiquitous “Hello” text and even a “Yoo hoo” but get no reply. Finally, I send a “good night” text with a little note explaining that I’m starting to get a bit worried about him as he told me to text on Thursday but isn’t replying. I’m thinking something happened but use my thinking head and check his profile on OKCupid. He’s logged in. Bastard.

I go back to guy one and explain what’s happening and get a “sorry” from him along with advice to “ignore the bullshitters and enjoy life” after I explain that I’m probably going to go back to the comfort and emotional safety of knitting and crocheting after this fiasco.

I am hoping against reason that guy two is not being a total cad and that something genuinely did prevent him from texting me back.

So yeah, that was my Thursday. Let’s see what Friday has in store for me. Yay. Not.


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