Drowning in Yarn

I currently have five projects going…again.

Five By Five – Crazy First Blanket (hiatus)
Keith’s Kicks Covers (socks for my new friend, Keith)
Deuce Double Sox (socks for the Maternal Parental and I knitted on two circular needles)
The Return of the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper (hiatus)
Villimarjatar (hiatus)

Yep, I have startitus. Has it good, I have.

Right now, I seem to be hyper focused on learning to knit two socks at the same time on two circular needles, so Deuce Double Sox comes in at a high priority. The blankets and Villimarjatar can wait owing to either their complicated pattern, tedious boredom in assembling or large amount of yarn needed to complete the project. Keith’s Kicks Covers will be completed just as soon as I finish Deuce Double Sox. Keith’s Kicks Covers is meant to be a Father’s day gift, so I should have it completed by then at the rate I’m knitting these socks.

Once I’ve finished those, I should (shame faced) have gotten my second order from JoAnn’s containing the size 2 circular needles and four skeins of acrylic yarn. The needles are so I can use this knitting technique to make sock yarn weight socks for myself twice as fast. The yarn is just because three skeins of it are new colors, the fourth skein is to match the hat I’m making the Maternal Parental and all of it was on sale yesterday.

If I ever win the lottery…

One thing that’s been coming in handy with all these projects is the android app BeeCount. I’ve plugged in no less than five projects into it at a time and was easily able to keep track of what I’ve been doing as far as knitting is concerned. I’ve yet to try it with a crocheted pattern but, it’s early days.

Okay, that’s enough procrastination. I’m going to go rest myself for a half an hour and then get back to knitting these socks.


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