Shopping Goal – Yarn Accumulation

Quarterly Buying

Okay, I’ve put myself on a schedule that should put a dent in my yarn accumulation. I’m only going to buy yarn every three months and I’m now going for quality rather than quantity. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m going for quantity too!

I found a great website that seems to have a lot of colorways I like that also comes highly recommended. Knit Picks will see me come September along with JoAnn’s Fabric and Crafts. I’m probably going to buy mostly sock weight yarns to further my goal of knitting enough socks to have a handmade pair for everyday and, now that I have my two pairs of size 2 circular needles, I can make them two at a time using a method I learned about from VeryPinkKnits of YouTube.

I put myself on a yarn diet. I used to buy yarn at least twice a month from multiple merchants but, now, I’m limiting myself to buying only every three months. I’m trying not to have a panic attack at the prospect. I’m just starting to get into buying real wool, so I figured I’d better limit my spending since most of the stuff worth having is so expensive.

I spent $7.99 a skein on six 87 yard skeins of superwash merino wool for some gloves I want to make for myself. For that price, they’d better make me at least two pairs of gloves. I also spent $10.99 per skein on four skeins of Fishermen’s Wool. Two were for a project set for a friend and the other two are me saving up yarn to make a sweater. I’m getting six more skeins to be sure I have enough yarn to make the sweater since I’m so top heavy.

As stated in the 43things posting, I’m expanding the merchants I’m shopping from for my yarn fix. I found the Knit Picks website while searching eBay for some cheap yarn deals. Didn’t find any but I did become addicted to the idea of getting some of the yarns I saw on the Knit Picks website. I’ve been cheapo acrylic gal for so long, I figured it was time to start getting real wool and painterly yarns for a change. Plus, unlike one of the current sock merchants I purchase from, they’ve got a wider variety of fingering weight yarn colors. That alone is something I can get behind.

Between this new method I learned of knitting two socks at a time on two circulars and my acquisition of two pairs of size 2 circular needles, I look forward to making lots of socks in the future and I need nice colors to do it in.


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