Okay Focus

My head is blazing and pounding right now. It hurts just to think.

I messed up one of the socks on the two circular needles I was knitting, so I had to take both off so as to be even.

We have had multiple tornado warnings, but thankfully, no touchdowns nearby.

Aside from all this, my day went well.

I am eagar to complete sock weight yarn socks using this method but the needles I’m using tend to catch the yarn and make it difficult for me to slide the stitches over the join between the cable and the needle. I’m going to keep trying though. I am going to test taping the needles if I have problems again.

I developed a migraine today after the Maternal Parental nearly fell for another scam. She came inside earlier, asking if I had the electric bill. I replied no a split second before curiosity got ahold of me and I asked her why she needed it. Apparently, there were two men at the door asking to see the electric bill because they said she could get a $50.00USD rebate if she signed up with their company. Bullshit. I tore down the stairs, my head exploding in the process, not caring who heard me as I politely explained to her that it was a scam and she wouldn’t get a penny from them. She asked me again where the bill was but this time I told her I didn’t know and continued to try to convince her to see sense.

Eventually, she gave up and told them to go away. If they come to the door or call once more, I’m getting in contact with someone who will put a dent in their plans.

Now that the weather is calming down somewhat, my headache appears to be going away. I’m hopeful it will go away completely by tonight when I recast the socks onto the needles.


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