Keith’s Socks II and Ziller’s Symphony

I’m doing it. Two fingering weight yarn socks on two circular needles. Now that I’ve found the proper tension, I’ve gotten into a rhythm with my knitting. The yellow (Lemon Drop) socks are Ziller’s Symphony and are made in honor of Iain Banks. For those of you who follow me on Ravelry, you’ll know that I named my first pair attempts after various characters in his book Look to Windward. I figured, since I’m using the same colorway to make these socks, that I’d keep up the tradition of the naming convention.

The brown (Root Beer) socks are Keith’s Socks II which are Keith’s Kicks Covers reborn. They’re socks for my friend, Keith. He’s, ironically, the same size as me. So, I can use the exact same measurements without having to even try the socks on. I had intended for them to be finished by today, Father’s Day, but I had to recast them on after I noticed a ladder in Ziller’s Symphony.

I do have to say, again, that this is some good yarn. Lion Brand’s Sock-Ease is a tough yarn that’s also very warm and comfortable on the skin. It’s going to be weird getting a different brand but I’ll have to if I want to get different colors. I’m going with the yarns on the Knit Picks website as a first dip into getting yarns outside of store brand and buying painterly colorways.

I am going to knit later today. I’m suddenly feeling very sleepy, so I’ll take a short nap and get back to it. Later! 🙂


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