Behind, But Determined

So, yeah. I woke up late this morning. I finally got up a full three hours after my intended exercise time. Undaunted, I jumped right into it though and completed my hour long workout.

I figured I’d take it light today and knit instead of immediately jumping into the studying. So, I’ve been working on the socks and I have to say, they’re coming along very well. Neither has even a trace of a ladder and both have good sturdy stitches that are tightly woven.

In other news, my problem child is set to go back to the manufacturer…again. This time, it’s the fan and the heat sink that are determined to be the problem. My computer keeps overheating and then shutting down. The BIOS is up to date and I clean it like a fanatic, so the problem has to be with the fan and heat sink. I just hope this gets it fixed this time for the long haul. I want a laptop that works so that I can have mobility aside from a phone. The manufacturer has been nothing but good about it though, so I’m not completely peeved. Only slightly.

I have been doing something interesting. Well, interesting by my standards at any rate. I’ve been looking at sweater patterns, studying studiously, for the time when I get the appropriate yarns to make them. Three of the patterns call for Lion Brand’s Amazing yarn and two of the patterns call for Lion Brand’s Fishermen’s Wool yarn. I’m currently saving up for both stashes of yarn, in addition to saving up for Halloween and saving up for my phone. The yarn is going to run me $300.00 easily regardless of where I get it from. I’m trying to find a cheap place to get it but it’s not looking good. Halloween candy usually runs me over $300.00 and I won’t even get into the phone. I’m hoping to catch it on sale one day when I get the money for it.

Well, I’m going to go back to working on the socks now. I’m so close to knitting even in the round, I don’t want to keep doing Knit 1, Purl 1 for the rest of this month unless it’s on socks number three and four. Later!


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