Proud But Not So Proud

I woke up at 4:55 this morning. Five minutes ahead of schedule.

Yesterday was pretty good and filled with knitting, just as I planned. I did a few rounds on the socks and I’m now up to round thirty seven from the cast on edge. If I keep up at this rate or better for the rest of the week, I should be halfway finished with the socks by the first week of July. Hopefully, I’ll get a sudden spike in energy that will enable me to knit at an even faster pace for a longer period of time. I mean, I read on Twitter about these knitters who can go for eight hours straight or more knitting and I realize that I want that for myself as far as stamina and concentration. Well, I’m going to keep practicing until I can do it.

Today is Wednesday which means it is watering day for the plants. With this super hot weather we’ve been having lately, I’m considering adding a third watering day to the schedule I have them on. I don’t want to rot their roots but they are looking exceedingly stressed lately from all the excess heat. It’s times like these when I wish I had some Seeds of Change Basil to block my windows up, especially the Cinnamon Basil. That stuff grows marvelously in the heat and shades the other potted plants with the exception of those too tall to be covered. It also smells divine in the strong summer sun. I digress though.


Despite getting up at 4:55am, and writing the first part of this blog post, I laid back down and slept until a few minutes ago. I really need to work on this by adjusting my bed time. I was up until 1:30 this morning doing nothing in particular and, quite frankly, that’s got to go. I am going to plan a reasonable bed time so I can fully implement my schedule.

This is day nine of my fitness mandate. I’m due to start exercising in a few minutes. I still haven’t looked at the Fitness Blender videos but I plan on doing that today so I can familiarize myself with the different exercises shown in the videos. It’s going to be quite a studying feat as they’ve got over two hundred sixty videos according to their YouTube page. I’m going to ignore the Kettleball exercises and focus on the bodyweight and weight exercises. I have a set of weights (rarely used) sold to me by a friend so I can use those or some cans of food or my water bottle in copying those exercises.

Okay, that’s enough talking. I’ve got to get ready to exercise! Yay!


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