Tentative Agreement

Apparently, the Maternal Parental has missed braiding my hair. So, I made a bargain with her. Every second week, she can do my hair and every other week, I’ll do my own hair. This should be enough to satisfy everyone and allow me to put my hair in a passable style that I can actually go out wearing. Regardless of how neatly she does them, the little girl braids are getting pulled back into a pony tail. As it stands, I just got the cornrows taken out of my hair. It’s time to wash my hair and, quite frankly, I don’t feel like braiding it up today. My arms are strong enough but the energy isn’t there. So a week off from braiding will be nice.

Aside from this, not much has been happening today. I’ve just been knitting and watching television all day long. I also baked some bread. I baked another megaloaf of slicing bread and I made buttermilk biscuits. Pretty much an easy day.


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