Sleeping Is For The Birds

I tried to do the right thing. I went to bed last night at a little past 21:30 (9:30pm) last night with the intention of waking up at 4:55 ready to roar but it wasn’t to be. Today, I somehow sleep checked my phone’s time three times until 6:30am. Then I got up. I’m going to try this grand experiment one more time before I chuck it as meaningless. I’m going to go to bed at 21:30 tonight with the same hope of waking up early tomorrow fully refreshed from a full night’s sleep. We’ll see if this works.

I managed to get my workout in on time if nothing else. I added a few new things to my exercise regimen. I’m feeling worn out but stronger, more energized and more refreshed as I type this up. Tomorrow, I’m adding crunches to my routine in an effort to get rid of my gut and strengthen my back and stomach muscles. I feel it’s time as I’ve been exercising my back since the beginning of this enterprise on the 17th. Another good aspect of this is that I don’t feel mega tired anymore. I guess my body is acclimating to the regimen by producing extra energy. This is a very good thing.

Today’s schedule is knitting and cooking shows. I reckon I can do at least four rounds a day until I’m into the heel flap, maybe more. I’m currently forty four rounds from the cast on edge with forty more rounds to do until I’m into the heel flap. I’m hoping a sudden driving burst of energy will overtake me and make me do ten or more rounds today and tomorrow which will get me into the heel flap by Monday, but I’m trying to be realistic here.

That’s about it for this morning. I’m going to go have a realistic breakfast of chicken vegetable noodle soup to match the buttermilk biscuit I ate earlier to keep me from passing out during my workout. Later!


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Is For The Birds

  1. Have you tried putting your alarm on it’s highest most annoying volume across the room? Once you’re up and walking to turn it off, it’s a little easier to stay up. I’ve also set a second alarm 5 minutes later before I went to bed, so I’d have to get up to turn it off twice, if necessary. And give it a week or 2, so the habit has a chance to set in.

    Another thought – maybe you need more than 7 and a half hours sleep a night. No matter how determined you are, the body wants what it wants.

    Also, I’ve read that crunches will not get rid of a stomach. You need a combo of diet and exercise to do that. They will, of course, strengthen your muscles. If you use weights, it will also strengthen your bones. Probably not something you’re worried about now, but it will help for when you get older.


  2. Yeah, I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. I end up sleeping right through the alarms and annoying everyone else around me in the process. 😦

    I hope I can retrain myself to sleep at the times I want. I feel like I’m wasting time sleeping when I could be doing something else. :-/

    I’ve got the diet going and the exercises. I just need to tone the muscles in my stomach. I can barely do a headstand anymore. Not good.

    I do have a set of weights a friend sold to me a while ago. I’m going to use them with the FitnessBlender videos when I get my laptop back. 🙂


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