Window Shopping

I’ve been exercising for nearly three weeks now and I have noticed a slimming effect. Given that, I guess it’s time to start planning for new clothes. To that end, I’ve been combing the one site I know I can find clothes to fit me, Just My Size, in the hopes of finding a smaller version of my current pants, as well as some workout clothes. I’ve always worn my T-shirts baggy, so that’s not going to be an issue when I get smaller. However, my pants falling down in the street will be an issue. I’m nowhere near that now but I am losing inches off of my body, so preparation is key.

The JMS Pleat Front Twill Pants will be the pants I get…as soon as I get some money. I plan on getting one in each size smaller than my current of 26W to see which actually fits and in black and khaki for colors. I originally bought the current pants I own as a stop gap measure against my constantly fluctuating edema issue but not for my actual size. It’ll be nice to have a pair of pants that actually fit. Getting them in multiple sizes ensures I have pants at the ready for when I lose the excess weight I’m carting around. Hopefully, I can catch them on sale and get them for as cheap as I got my original pants.

Since I’m going to eventually take up swimming, I thought it might be a good idea to buy a swimsuit but this is by no means a final plan. I don’t want to buy a suit that fits my current body only to have to buy another one down the road when I lose weight. However, the swimsuit I’m looking at purchasing is the Chlorine Resistant Cross Back Crinkle One-Piece Tank Suit in black. Until the day comes when I buy this thing, I’ll be fine in a T-shirt and shorts.

For workout clothes, the Champion Double Dry Plus-Size Women’s Tank Top and the Champion Stretch-Cotton Fitted Plus-Size Women’s Boot-Cut Pants will serve me quite well in black also. Having these clothes will give me the opportunity to go outside for part of my workout routine unlike the present where, due to my lack of clothing, I am unable to do this barring the agoraphobia. At the present, I exercise nude to save my clothes and allow me free range of motion. These workout clothes look perfect to enable me to have my proverbial cake and eat it too.

In addition to these things, I was looking on the Payless website and found a nice pair of shoes to use specifically for exercising. That way, when they get sweaty, I don’t have to worry about getting a new pair of everyday shoes. The Men’s Champion Lattice Runner shoe even comes in my favorite colors, Green and Black. Hopefully, I can catch these on a BOGO sale at Payless either online or in store. After all, I’m not made of money and I did get get a pair of shoes, when they went on sale, a few weeks ago.

I’m getting to the point now in my fitness regimen where I should really consider making a written down plan of the exercises I’ll be doing. What I’m currently doing is getting too easy for me and, if I want to lose weight, I’ve got to stay ahead of my body’s resistance to exercise. So, starting in three days, I’m going to extend my exercise routine by a half an hour and add some new moves to my repertoire. I figure that should keep my body in enough shock for me to continue to lose weight.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for right now. I’m going to take a 30 minute nap before I get back up to do some writing since I’m falling asleep in the chair even as I type this. Later!


2 thoughts on “Window Shopping

  1. May I also suggest – it covers the items from Roaman’s, Woman Within, and Jessica London. Their regular prices are high if you’re not middle-class, but they have some great stuff in their clearance section, and usually have some type of discount (buy 2 or more, get $X dollars off, free shipping for orders over $X, up to 40% off the highest price item if you buy 3 or more, etc.) Even after eliminating the polyester, and cotton/poly, etc., I can find great stuff in natural fabrics.


    • Thanks! I’ve been looking for a wider variety of sites to shop from. This sounds perfect. In a few months, I hope to have changed enough that I no longer need the plus sized shopping. I can still shop for the Maternal Parental. 🙂


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