Success is Forthcoming

I’ve lost my first ten pounds. Yay. This is a quote from 43things on my entry detailing what I do in a days worth of exercise.


After three weeks of exercising, I have finally lost a significant amount of weight. Ten pounds is gone. From a high of 260lbs, I am now 250lbs. This is with the benefit of one hour’s worth of exercise everyday. Today, I’m switching it up and adding on an additional thirty minutes of exercise to my regimen.

In no particular order, my exercises are as follows:

Fifty Push ups
Fifty Crunches
Fifty Leg lifts
Fifty Seated stretches (touching one set of toes at a time)
Fifty Seated Bows (leaning forward as far as possible)
Fifty Standing Toe touches
Fifty Side Knee bends (each leg)
Fifty Front Knee bends (Each Leg)
Fifty Squats
Fifty Side downward punches (each arm)
Thirty Five Arm lifts (each arm)
Arm Flexes (for the duration of two songs)
Hip flexes (for the duration of two songs)
March in place (for the duration of two songs)
Air punches (for the duration of one song)
Neck exercises (for the duration of one song
Jog in place/Leg flexes (for the duration of one song)
Air cross punch (for the duration of one song)

All this usually takes me an hour to do. Today, I’m going to switch it up and add some exercises from FitnessBlender to the mix in preparation of switching over to their regimen.

I’m finding that, in all this exercising, I want to do more at the end of it rather than just stop. I don’t know what that is and, if anyone could give me a clue, I’d be much obliged.

In other news, wow. I got my order of yarn and circular knitting needles from Knit Picks and that’s all I can say in response. They’re amazing! The yarn is soft, looks quite sturdy and is in absolutely breathtaking colors. I was meant to be on a yarn diet and only allowed to puchase quarterly but I went against my own rules and bought this stuff. I’m really glad I did too. In addition to the yarn being lovely, the two sets of circular knitting needles are perfect for knitting these socks. I made so much progress since switching. The Susan Bates needles are in my closet waiting for a day that will probably never come; a day when I’ll find a use for them.

To give you an idea of how good they are, it took me the better part of a month to get 50 rounds completed. I just did 10 rounds in the space of an hour last night. These socks are mine…and Keith’s. LOL

*singsong voice* I’ve got a new fanship/crush in Jérôme Pradon. When I say “new”, I actually mean it’s the rekindling of an old fanship/crush with the aid of the Internet. Thank goodness for YouTube. Prior to one play thirteen years ago, I hadn’t seen him in anything but remembered him from all that time ago for his stunning performance as Judas Iscariot in the Great Performances rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar. I am so buying it as soon as my DVD buying time comes around.

The Maternal Parental really enjoyed her birthday gifts. The microwave and turkey bites were a smashing success. 🙂

That’s about it for today. I’ll write more if more happens. Later. 🙂


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