New Schedule and Other Things

Revisions, revisions!

I have updated my weekly schedule to reflect the change I made in my exercise routine. I’ve moved exercise to 7pm and switched off the internet for 7am. This will enable me to get my work done during the day without being exhausted from the 90 minute exercise routine I normally do. I can get my other stuff done, exercise, then wind down with a bit of crafting before going to bed.

Speaking of crafting, I am no further along with the socks. I stopped mid-heel flaps the other day. As soon as I finish this blog post, I am going to work on them to complete the heel flaps and, hopefully, make progress past the gusset decreases today.

I had to reset my phone the other day. The LG Optimus V was rebooting itself over and over again. I’d heard about this bug in the phone after I got it but, until now, I’d not experienced it firsthand. Funny how, when I’m about to get a new phone, this one suddenly starts acting up. I was almost going to keep this old phone and save my money but now? I do not think so. I’m going to welcome that new phone with open arms. This LG Optimus V will be the plaything of the Maternal Parental in her quest to become computer literate.

Further along in the Hair Saga, I didn’t cornrow my hair. I just wasn’t in the mood to do it. So now, I’m rocking two big Afro puffs. I’ll probably do the cornrows next week.

Regarding the Zimmerman trial, I just can’t bring myself to write indepth about something so sad. A young man lost his life and I’ve been watching people tear the internet apart on pages and in comments with some people really making me question the need for humanity in existence. I’ve even lost friends over this whole thing due to their racism and or callousness in the face of the verdict. It’s just tragedy on top of tragic.

Anyway, that’s about it. I’m going to go knit now and watch Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 on a loop. Later, People. By the way, check out the blanket Queer Joe’s making.


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