Disappearing Act

Long time, no see. Hello, all!

I’ve been pretty busy over the past few weeks. My writer’s block broke, thanks to Tom Hiddleston, and I’ve finally completed a story. It’s not postable here but it is on my story journal, on Fetlife and available to select friends via a PDF file I made of it. I like the flow of it and I’m itching to write more, thanks to my new muse.

I have also managed to finish the Merino Cashmere Wool gloves for myself. So, I am prepared for the Winter. I just have to make a pair for The Maternal Parental with the remainder of the yarn.

Right now, I am reviewing how to knit two socks on two circular needles so I can get back to Keith’s Socks II and Ziller’s Symphony. Remember them? Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve worked on them. Hopefully, I’ll relearn how to do this knitting trick quickly so I can finish them while watching a marathon of Sherlock, The Avengers, Thor, Doctor Who, Firefly, Serenity and Torchwood.

That’s about it. Keep calm and carry on.


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