My Stories and The Socks

Hi All,

I am posting my stories in a new place with the hope that I’ll be read by people, finally. I don’t know what happened but something inside me snapped with the writing of this latest story. Where before, I would hide in the deepest, darkest corner I could find on the Internet with my stories, now I’m prepared to have others tear me to shreds on my sensitive writing ability. Maybe I’m maturing? Who knows?

So, if you’re not sensitive and you’re interested in reading what I’ve written, please check me out on AO3. I’m putting all my works up there as I complete them.

I am even now drumming up the inspiration for some new works. I’m also looking through my old stories to see if I can change the muse for them to Tom Hiddleston to make them workable. Dude has power when it comes to dissolving Writer’s Block. My bout with Writer’s Block was eight years old before it got smashed apart a few days ago. I was watching Henry V and got inspired to finish my story. Power, dudes. Power.

Now, I have a plethora of ideas.

I’ve also got a plethora of knitting and crocheting to do. Given that I’m on a deadline for the knitting of these socks, I’m going to make them a priority. I’ve got 35 more rounds before I can begin the toe closings on these socks. I’ve got to get these done before early November so I can give the brown ones as a gift on time to Keith. I had better get back to it. Later!


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