A Brief Snippet

I am working on several stories but one in particular has grabbed my attention.

A small sample of a story that, as yet, has no title:

As John watched the monitor absently, the sky cracked open with another peal of thunder. Rain poured steadily from the sky in thick sheets and wind whipped torrents which lashed violently against his apartment windows. He began to worry for Taylor, as her shift was soon to end and thought it wise to be waiting for her inconspicuously in the hallway of their apartment when she came home.

He began a blanket scan for her mind and found it happily reveling in the stormy weather beating and battering against everything in the town as she walked home from the Coffee shop. As she enjoyed herself, he shared in her sensations of smelling the cool crisp air that had been brought in with the storm, savoring the taste of the sweet rain after so long a hot day, and enjoying the tingling sensation she felt against her body both from the cold and the harsh impact of the driving rain.

I’ve been tapping away at the above since 3 April 2006. I’ve got 29 pages so far and I hope to have many more before the end of this week. I, admittedly, don’t know where I’m going with this story though. I don’t usually write them out with dialogue but, instead, use freewriting to complete the story before going back to add dialogue. If I want to participate in NaNoWriMo, I need to learn to do it this way. So… *gnashing teeth*

Another story I’ve been working on is more Polyamory based. As yet, I haven’t gotten it out of the Freewrite phase of development. Here is a sample:

In the next state, the ex-boyfriend and father of the young woman’s daughter is puzzled as to why he’s heard no more from the young woman regarding paternity or child support. Up until before what must have been the child’s birth five years prior, all he’d heard from state agencies, courts, and the woman herself were notices, pleadings, and warnings regarding supporting the expected child. All during that time, he’d denied paternity when, in truth, he knew that the child was his. He just didn’t want to take responsibility for the child and sought to blemish the young woman’s reputation by calling her a whore, spitting at her, and disparaging her in the streets whenever he came in contact with her. Given that a good deal of the town they lived in were stacked in his favor, most sided with him whether through misguided loyalty or genuine belief of the lies he told. The last he’d heard of her was that she’d searched for work in the town but could find none due to his slandering her which caused her to leave the town when she was still in her pregnancy.

I’ve been working on this one since 23 August 2008. It’s complete, I just have to do dialogue.

In the meantime, while I’m figuring out what to put next, I’m working on these damned socks. Okay, I don’t actually dislike that part. I’m just anxious to get socks three and four on the needles. Next time, for sure, I’m casting on four socks at once so I can be done quicker. It might also help if I didn’t get ill.

I’m going to get back to work as soon as I finish dinner. Hopefully, I can get the stories up on my AO3 account by the weekend.


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