Package Central

It’s that most wonderful time of…screw that.

My home now has a new nickname. Package depot. Between supplies coming in and items going out, I’m frequently swimming in boxes and parcel envelopes. Thankfully, I just gave my last package going out to the mail lady and I’m free for now. Now, all I have to do is track the packages that are out there to ensure they get to their destinations.

Without. My. Phone. *whimper*

Yes, my phone was amongst the outgoing packages. Again. This time, it was the Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity that was an issue. Specifically, how neither would activate. I tried everything short of slamming the phone down but nothing worked, so back to the depot it went. For free this time. Which was nice as I didn’t have the money to send it via UPS this time around. Lucky for me, I had an incoming UPS package, so I didn’t even have to call them yesterday.

I really hope my phone gets fully fixed this time around. I need my phone.

In other news, hats…hats…HATS. I haz hats!!!!!

That’s enough of that then.

I’m currently on hat number five of the thirty hats by January project. I’m hoping to bang out three hats today, three hats tomorrow and three hats the next day to get ahead of this whole thing. I want to be into blue hats by the weekend. Correction: I NEED to be into blue hats by this weekend. Both for my sanity and for the project’s sake.

I really want to be doing another project…any other project right now but I specifically promised this would be done by January. We work before we play. Sadface. 😥


8 thoughts on “Package Central

    • Dude, you have a car. I use my phone to call for transportation to or from places when I’ve got too much to carry or the weather changes.

      Not to mention the mobility issues of staying in contact with people I know. I do almost everything from my phone. 😦


  1. I see… You could get a cheap prepay phone to use for **emergencies only**. I think maybe Boost or Virgin Mobile had some phones for just $9.99. The cool thing is that they are prepay, so you can pay $10 or $20 every other month to keep it activated.

    I know this because I was using a prepay cell phone for the longest time. 😀


    • LOL, I’m with Virgin Mobile.

      I can’t afford another phone myself but I am trying to get the Maternal Parental to get a number, then I could use her phone for “emergencies”. Bwahahaha.

      It’s not going so well. The Maternal Parental makes Luddites look like Technophiles.


  2. I’m also using Virgin Mobile! 😎

    My wife and I were thinking about getting the Virgin Mobile iPhone 5. But paying $449.99 minimum for each phone is crazy. 😯

    So we are thinking about switching to a contract with Spring or Verizon and get the iPhone 5 for $99 each. I still don’t know if I want to switch or not, though. 😕


    • You pay for the phone either way. One is just hidden in contract fees. Figure out what the hidden costs of a contract are before jumping into something you can’t get out of. You might just be grateful for that 450.00 upfront cost on the phone. :p


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