Tomorrow, I Knit – Hurrah!

The vicissitudinous nature of my recent crafting experience is gone. Hip hip hooray!!! I am free to do what I want again!

I have so many projects lined up now.

The very next project I’m doing are the socks for Keith and I. They’ve waited long enough. Six months is more than too long in time for knitting two pairs of socks.

After that, comes to hat and gloves for Todd. I almost balled the skeins of yarn for that tonight before my inflamed hand demanded I sit myself down and take a day to just relax after so long.

After this, comes the scarf and hat set for the Maternal Parental. She’s presently got a hat and scarf, so this one isn’t a rush like the previous one.

After this project set, comes the embroidered hat for Sam. I’ve also got to get the red for the emblem, so this can wait a while. I’ve got everything else though.

After that, it’s all about ME!!!!!! As I haven’t gotten any yarn in the mail from people who’ve requested items, I am free to knit and crochet for myself.

About the only other thing I’m thinking of working on is a wedding shawl for my friend Ted’s girlfriend/fiance. He just proposed and they haven’t set a date yet, so, hopefully, I’ve got time. I’m considering doing the Keepsake Lace Shawl for her. I have everything, including the crochet thread needed to make this. Mind you, I’m making hers in cotton. That way, it could double as a doily or lace centerpiece after the wedding. Always thinking ahead. Yeah!

After all this, I may take the sudden largess of yarn and finish Blanket 2010.

I’m just so happy to be free!!!!!


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