Socks Progress

I have been knitting…knitting…and knitting some more. If I ever have kids, I’m ready for any challenge in making things for them by hand.

I present to you, the socks so far:

I am hoping to queue up the Alestorm and Decemberists so I can knit the night away again and hopefully get these done by Saturday. At present, I’m seventy rounds total into the sock leg with fourteen to go until the heel flaps beginnings. Right now, I’m using Magic Loop method to knit but at round eighty three, I’m going to switch to Two Circular Needles method.

Since the Maternal Parental is happy with the scarf and hat set she has now, I’m going to work on Sam’s hat with mythosaur emblem embroidered in it. It shouldn’t take me too long to make it. Said the woman who took seven months to make a pair of socks… o_O

Anyway, I’ll get that done the best way I can and then restart Villimarjatar on my size eight circular needles. I’ll officially be done with knitting and crocheting for others since no one else has sent me yarn. 🙂

I have my music at the ready. I’m going to go knit now. Later, all!


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